About Me

My Background

For as long as I can remember, my Dad was teaching me to paint and play the piano.  I started painting by numbers and by the time I was 10, he was teaching me to faux finish our art cabinet and table for all of our supplies.  I studied art all through high school and always wanted to become  an artist.  In 1976 the military academies allowed women to enroll and because my Dad was an Army officer and I was gifted in math, there was a ton of pressure to enter the military...a secure career.  I gave up my dream and was the second women and the University of Florida to be awarded a full Air Force scholarship.  I majored in math and went into the AF.  Fast forward until 1996.  I left my career and started my own wall mural business.  I painted throughout the south and proved to be successful.  I am still painting and creating  on anything that will hold still:-)

My Medium

I work primarily in acrylic and use many different additives for texture.  I prefer to use anything from nature...sand, shells, leaves, flowers.  I observe until something moves me.  I believe in getting messy and totally involved in whatever my project is.

My Inspiration

I am passionate about gardening, flowers and nature.  I love to re-create nature with acrylic, texture and bright colors.  Monet has  always been my favorite artist and inspiration.